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Multimedia Project Manager

Solution-oriented freelancer with large experience wearing multiple hats between teams, clients and providers during a project.

I help you organize, manage, and document a project during its life-cycle. 

Skills & Tools 

Any project needs a clear plan and daily team collaboration.  I use my digital marketing and project management experience to help you with projects like these…

Web Development

Online projects with UX/UI. Courses, stores of any kind, from scratch or existing sites with various needs. 


Strategy deployment for: Social, Email, and Content Marketing; SEO, and Web Development

Workflow Automation

Brainstorm, test, and integrate solutions with your offline and current efforts to acomplish an integrated workflow. 

Content Production

Ideation, planning, creation, and distribution of different multimedia content in multiple channels. 

Team Collaboration

I maintain a positive environment with the people I recruit or/and work with that results in higher commitment to meet milestones and due dates. An established network of experts in the areas I work on allows me to ensure high-quality deliverables. 


Experience & reviews

You can view all testimonials on my UpWork profile.